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Get real-time access to patient documents in existing workflows, especially when each second counts.

When emergency medical services (EMS) personnel and related care providers go to work, every second can mean the difference between life and death. Because each second counts, EMS personnel often need to make decisions in the heat of the moment while on site dealing with an accident or another emergency.

For EMS personnel to make the best decisions, though, they need real-time access to the most current information about a patient, once he or she has been identified. There’s simply not enough time to search for a missing file or incomplete information when the delivery of proper care is most critical. That’s why it’s important for advanced care planning documents to be automatically served up in EMS workflows.

Care Directives’ Advance Directive Information Exchange (ADiE) gives EMS providers and personnel an interoperable, cloud-based repository that easily fits into their existing workflows to deliver vital patient records where and when they’re needed most. As a result, ADiE can serve up a number of advance care planning documents, such as POLST/MOLST forms, Advance Directive, and related end of life care planning documents. Therefore, EMS personnel can easily call up these documents while at the scene and make more informed care decisions, based on patients’ treatment preferences and requests.

Features and benefits

ADiE offers EMS personnel and providers:

  • An all-in-one eRegistry solution that serves up advance care planning and end-of-life care planning documents via existing workflows in real-time
  • A robust, electronic health record (EHR)-agnostic eRegistry that delivers true interoperability
  • Text translation into 11 languages
  • The ability to deliver patient-centered care onsite by honoring patient wishes
  • A plug-and-play solution that seamlessly integrates with other third-party recordkeeping systems

POST and Advance Directives Study Guide for EMS

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