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General Questions

What is an ADiE?

Advance Directive Information Exchange (ADiE) is a powerful cloud-based and centralized repository for documented care wishes. ADiE is an organized system that collects and houses Advance Care Planning (ACP) documents like Advance Directives and POLST forms from various providers across the care continuum.

Is the patient’s consent required?

The newest version of the California POLST form issued 4/1/17 states that the form may be included in the registry. A separate consent is therefore not required.

Is it safe and HIPAA compliant to add patient's POLST forms to the online registry?

Yes, the POLST form indicates that the HIPAA permits sharing the form as necessary.

Can a user see all of the POLST forms in ADiE including those of patients that they are not providing care for?

No. No one can see all of the POLST forms at one time. Users can only see a single POLST form at a time and they have to identify the patient through the search feature which is in accordance with HIPAA compliance. Any provider should/can have access to patient health information (PHI) if they are directly providing care.

How do I contact ADiE with questions?

You may contact us by email at support@caredirectives.org or by phone at 888-621-4383.

Can I access ADiE from my tablet and smart phone?

You can access ADiE via your tablet, smart phone, desktop and laptop.

What if a physician is not willing to sign a POLST form electronically and prefer to do it on paper?

We understand that that while most physicians have adopted the electronic signature not everyone is ready for it. We will continue to accept signed paper POLST forms via email, fax or mail to be added to be uploaded into the ADiE.

By Secure Email: support@caredirectives.org

By Fax: (888) 977-3522

By Mail: Attn: SNF Division Care Directives

25060 Hancock Ave. Ste. 103-482

Murrieta, CA 92562

Are physicians absolutely required to have an ADIE user account to sign an digital POLST form?

Yes, physicians are required to have a physician user account in ADiE if they are going to sign a patient’s digital POLST form.

Can users look up a physician to see if he/she is participating in ADiE?

Yes, users can look up participating physicians from the navigation bar by clicking on physician look-up.

POLST Questions

Does ADiE offer POLST form language translation?

Yes, ADiE translates POLST forms into 11 different languages:










Simplified Chinese

Translated Chinese

How do I submit paper POLST forms to ADiE?

You may submit signed paper POLST with the resident face sheet via fax, email, or mail.

Secure Email: support@caredirectives.org

Fax: (888) 977-3522

Mail: Attn: SNF Division, Care Directives, 25060 Hancock Ave. Ste 103-483, CA 92562

Can an incomplete POLST form be submitted in ADiE?

Paper forms that are submitted for processing are reviewed and if missing pertinent information such as a physician signature, patient signature, and the date that the form was created, they will be rejected. Capturing the forms electronically reduces user error with built in checks and balances.

Account Basics

Who manages organization users?

The organization’s account administrators are responsible for managing all users. This can be done from the navigation bar in the account.

Who can be the ADiE account administrator?

The account administrator of the organization can be assigned to any staff member. We recommend that their be two or more administrators per an organization.

Why can’t a user find a patient in ADiE?

Users can do a search by entering the following demographics:

First Name,
Last Name,
Date of Birth,
City of Residence,
Last 4 Numbers of Social Security,
Phone Number

The ADiE registry must be able to narrow down the search to one unique patient. If a unique patient is not identified there is no match in ADiE.

Should admitting facilities search the ADiE registry for patients that are transferred from an ADiE participating facility?

Yes, all new admissions should trigger an ADiE registry search.

Can you put the POLST form "on hold" and give the physicians the tablet to sign it when they come visit the facility on other staff accounts (i.e. nurses)?

No. Physicians would need to be logged into his/her account, therefore staff cannot create a “hold” on a particular patient’s POLST form. ADiE allows the physician to log in from anywhere and sign on the go.

Can staff from a facility use their personal email to set up a ADiE user account?

No, for security purposes facility staff members can only use work assigned emails to create a user account. However, this does not apply to physicians who can use personal email addresses.

How secure is my account password?

ADiE adheres to complex password requirements. Passwords must be at least 8 characters, containing 1 special character, 1 number and both upper and lower case characters. All users must set up a new password every six months for security purposes.

How do I deactivate my ADiE account?

Organization users should contact the org administrator. Physicians can contact Care Directives at support@caredirectives.org