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Connect a fragmented healthcare system. ADiE enables the exchange of data between healthcare providers- hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, physicians and health systems both locally and nationally across segmented technology platforms.

At Care Directives we believe in collaborative care, that is coordinated through connected systems to ensure patients receive the care they want when they want it. We believe that this collaborative care approach leads to appropriate and personalized care delivered in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

ADiE’s vendor agnostic interface allows for standard data formats to be shared in real-time across the care continuum. ADiE’s interoperability solutions connect and share advance care planning (ACP) information both inside and outside your organization.

ADiE is bridging the gaps across systems, locations, and healthcare communities by eliminating interoperability barriers created by proprietary vendor technologies. Using secure messaging ADiE transforms non-standard data into standard format such as Clinical Document Architecture (CDA).

ADiE delivers meaningful and consumable data. In short ADiE communicates, collaborates, and coordinates with all providers in its ecosystem and beyond in real-time and without administrative delays.


  1. Easily and securely exchange advance care planning (ACP) data with other providers.
  2. Improve patient satisfaction by accessing and honoring patient documented care wishes.
  3. Participate in collaborative care with providers across the care continuum.
  4. Satisfy quality measures-Care Planning: Advance Directive.
  5. ADiE is integrated into existig workflows.

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