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Missouri Health Connection and Care Directives form partnership to streamline the sharing of advanced care planning documents.

Columbia, MO and Murrieta, CA—October 9, 2019 —Missouri Health Connection (MHC), the Midwest health information exchange (HIE), proudly announces today they have formed a connected community partnership with Care Directives; a provider of cloud-based solutions for exchanging advanced care planning (ACP) documents across the care continuum in real-time and at the point of care. 

As part of the partnership, MHC will use the Care Directives Advanced Directive information Exchange (ADiE) to manage patients’ advanced care planning documents. ADiE offers a cloud-based repository for such documents, including Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST), Advance Directives (ADs), durable power of attorney (DPOAs) for healthcare, living wills, and other ACP related documents. “The ADiE platform will provide a great added value to our participating members by enhancing our HIE services,” said Angie Bass, MHC President and Chief Executive Officer. “These services ensure that the patient’s end-of-life care wishes are up to date and easily shared across our connected community in real-time.”  MHC’s network of 80+ hospitals, 350+ medical clinics, and 7,000+ physicians, in Missouri and neighboring states, can now share and receive ACP documents in real-time at the point of care. This helps MHC eliminate barriers to communicating patients’ ACP/AD care wishes, which, in turn, helps improve patient-centered, end-of-life care. Furthermore, knowing patients’ care wishes in advance helps reduce unwanted, unnecessary care and costs. 

“At Care Directives, we feel that ACP documents are the most important documents in the patient’s chart. That’s why we wanted to make it easier for HIEs, like MHC, to quickly access and share these documents within its community of hospitals, clinics, and physicians,” said Susie Flores, Care Directives Chief Executive Officer. “We’ve found that most providers lack accessibility to ACP documents at any given time, so having them readily available from a single source helps mitigate risk and reduce unwanted costly care.”  Care Directives’ ADiE platform currently supports over 2.7 million queries per year due to the ease of sending and receiving forms utilizing proprietary technology that adapts to existing workflows.

About Missouri Health Connection (MHC)

MHC is a statewide and regional HIE providing a secure and private electronic platform that enables health care clinicians to administer quality care to patients. MHC’s mission focuses on quality patient care, improving health outcomes, innovations to improve efficiencies and reducing costs. MHC provides health plans and over 7,000 clinicians at 75+ hospitals, hundreds of clinics, and more than a dozen community health centers throughout the Midwest with access to comprehensive patient health records on more than 23+ million patient records. From a solo physician practice to a large multi-hospital health system, MHC’s services are designed to support any health care organization and allows clinicians to quickly and securely access and receive real-time comprehensive patient health records. For more information, visit:

About Care Directives

Care Directives bridges the gap between medical providers and care settings by eliminating barriers of communicating end-of-life wishes. Care Directives’ Advance Directive Information Exchange (ADiE) is a cloud-based agnostic solution that integrates into existing workflows across all care settings. The POLST form, filled out at a skilled nursing facility or other post-acute care setting, can now be accessed immediately by emergency department or EMS teams in real-time. Based in Southern California Care Directives is proven to streamline critical transitions of care, improve coordination across diverse teams, and reduce medically unnecessary admissions.  For more information, go to