Your Care Wishes. Shared in Real-Time.

MADiE ensures your wishes are known and honored when you are unable to speak for yourself.

Meet MADiE

My Advance Directive Information Exchange (MADiE) is a cloud-based, patient portal for ACP documents, including POLST, Advance Directives, Power of Attorney, Living Will, and DNR orders of various formats (e.g., EMS DNRs, POST, and MOLST).

MADiE helps ensure that patients’ wishes and preferences regarding their care at the end-of-life are known and respected by care provider’s, even when they are no longer able to discuss their wishes or make decisions.

“At the end of the day, this isn’t just about making it easy to exchange documents electronically. It’s about ensuring that our loved ones receive the appropriate care during a medical emergency.”

~ Jon Elwell, Kno2’s CEO


  • Access ACP forms submitted by providers
  • Carry forms on a smartphone


  • Share with providers using Direct directory
  • Fax to providers right out of the app
  • Share with family and caregivers


  • Upload new ACP documents


  • Nullify forms that no longer match patient care wishes
  • Manage forms in your native language

How It Works

MADiE Eliminates the Challenges of End-of-Life Care Planning

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